A dark cloud over the Music Industry but Hope on the Horizon

In 2020, the music industry has been devastated by the restrictions set by the government. A survey conducted byThe Australian LiveMusic Business Councilfound that about 70% of live music businesses have seen a drop in revenue by 75-100% since lockdowns began. Some had no choice but to shut down, and those that struggled to stay afloat had little to no income. Know more about the survey here:

Let’s take a closer look at the musicians. The typical ones who don’t have a film crew, marketing team, and a multimillion-dollar corporation backing them for the digital marketplace. I’m talking about the local pub bands. Uncle Joe with his guitar playing a regular gig. Professional bands that play at weddings and clubs. For some, it might mean losing a part-time income. For most, it is almost like losing a part of yourself, a full-time income, a career, and a future they have carefully planned for years. This might mean losing a hobby, a passion for playing music, and the ability to put food on the table. How do we look at the horizon through this dark cloud looming over the music industry?

It’s hard to fix large complex problems, but we can do small things to contribute to creating a difference. As we turn even more digital, technologies help to ease our burdens, and we make an even more robust community. Yes, we might be missing interacting with our favorite bands in real life, but we could continually talk to them on their social media pages. Merchandises are available to be bought online. The music industry could continue to thrive if we can continue to support each other. Imagine a community of musicians coming together to keep the music industry alive. is a peer-to-peer hireplace for musical instruments. Dust off the guitar that hasn’t been played for a year. It’s uncle Joe, celebrity Kate, store owner Larry, and music teacher Kim. It’s you and me. A breath of fresh air to some who have been left behind and an opportunity to those willing to take the plunge. You can continue to contribute to the community by utilizing the instruments that you have. 

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