A New Business Model. Just for Musos?

Imagine having a room full of different guitars collecting dust, and you’ve got bills to pay.

You don’t want to sell any of them, but you need to eat. TradingEconomics states that “The annual inflation rate in Australia rose to 3.5% in Q4 2021 from 3.0% in Q3” and “is expected to be 4.50 percent by the end of this quarter”. Know more about the statistics here:

If you’ve ever taught before, you know what a difference music can make to someone’s life. Some people can’t afford your instrument, or they may just want to try it out. Help to give them the gift of music and see that smile on their face. Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a musician, you want to say you earn a living in the music industry. Don’t deny it. You know it’s true. is another way to achieve that. It’s a peer-to-peer hireplace for musical instruments. List your item, share, and earn some extra income. Wouldn’t it be great to say you were one of the first that capitalized on this great opportunity in ten years? This is not just for musicians. If you want to try something new, or your child does, but you’re not sure of their commitment, start small by hiring from Andrew down the road, who you know has a great saxophone he never uses. Tell him about so he can share the love.

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