How to Choose Between Acoustic Guitar and Classical Guitar?

The guitar is one of the most popular and loved instruments all around the world. From Beatles to Ed Sheeran, everyone loves guitar but doesn’t know where to start. Once you learn about all the different guitar types, you might feel confused about choosing one. Two guitar types are most common among beginners, acoustic and classical. Learn what makes them different from this article and then rent string musical instruments in Australia.

Main difference between Acoustic Guitar and Classical Guitar

There are many similarities between both these guitars, but we need to understand what set them apart. Once we learn about the differences, we can choose one to buy or rent guitar to play.


The upper part of the guitar is where the tuning pegs are situated. This is an important part of the guitar as we can fine-tune the string with the pegs at the headstock. One of the main differences between acoustic and classical guitar is tuning pegs. An acoustic guitar has tuning pegs which are like keys. We can fine tune acoustic guitars by turning the keys of tuning pegs. While in classical guitar, it has a slotted headstock. The reason behind different tuning mechanisms is the strings. This tuning peg allows the player to fine tune the sound of the guitar.   


Acoustic guitars have steel string while classical guitar has nylon string. This is the reason behind the different headstocks. Both strings have their advantages and drawbacks. Steel strings offer a crips sound which is used for rock or country music as it has better volume and power. Similarly, nylon strings have a mellow sound which is perfect for classical, jazz and bossa nova. Also, for the beginner, nylon strings are easier to play with than steel strings. Apart from that, steel strings might rust and break but nylon strings last longer.


Most acoustic and classical guitar look the same as they both have classic “8” figure designs. However, acoustic guitars are bigger and bulkier than classical ones. Body shape does not interfere with the sound as its main design for the comfort of the player. Acoustic guitars follow the dreadnought design which means it has larger body compared to classical guitars. While body shape does not change the sound, but larger body will produce a louder sound like an acoustic guitar.


Frets are the metal bars embedded along the fretboard. This will help the player to produce different sounds by putting their fingers between frets which are known as fret space. Acoustic guitars have around 20 frets while the classical guitar has 12. The space between frets is wider in classical guitars that allow player to comfortably use them to form a chord or playing a single tune. Frets allow player to achieve a different type of intonation. We can find many different types of fret spaces and numbers in the string instruments List.


Acoustic guitars have narrower necks compared to classical guitar. This is important for the guitar player as most acoustic guitars are used for strumming or picking which a narrow neck makes it easier. Classical guitar has a bit of a wider neck which allows the player to put all four fingers in the place. One of the important differences in the neck part of the guitar is the fret marker. Most classical guitars do not have fret markers, they often have fret markers on 5th or 7th. While acoustic guitar has fret marker on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th frets. It's hard for a beginner to play without a fret marker but most high school have fret markers in them, or we can mark it ourselves.


Bridge is the part where strings are tied at the end. Classical guitar uses nylon strings which are tied over at the bridge. While acoustic guitar uses steel strings that are pinned at the bridge. In every string musical instrument, bridge is an important part. It supports the strings and allows the vibration to make sound. Based on the bridge and string tension, we can make difference sound with our guitar.

Guitar position

Both guitars are used in a slightly different way. Classical guitar is played in an upright position while acoustic guitars are played almost horizontally. The shape and the body of the guitar decided the position of play.

Acoustic Guitar or Classical guitar Which One is Better for You?

Both guitars have different advantages for beginners. Acoustic guitar is easy to learn while classical guitar is better too because of nylon string, and it allows good fingerpicking. You can decide to go for any of them for musical instrument to hire.


Playing a guitar looks awesome and we can make some of the most melodious songs from it. It is popular among every age as it offers a magical feeling. Acoustic guitars and classical guitars are both suitable for beginners as they offer many different versions of sound. If you want to rent guitar, we recommend InstruShare. It is one of the best platforms to rent string musical instruments in Australia.