Know About Teen Musician Who Learned to Play 117 Instruments!

Learning a musical instrument is a challenging journey that takes years of practice to master. However, some individuals possess an exceptional gift that allows them to defy all expectations. If you think back to your first experience learning an instrument in school, you may recall the difficulty you faced in understanding it. But imagine someone who could break World record for most instruments learned at the tender age of 12. This extraordinary individual inspires us all, proving that dedication, passion, and talent know no bounds. 

Who is Neil Nayyar, The Child Prodigy?  

Neil Nayyar is an awe-inspiring musician who has already accomplished so much at such a young age. Born in India and raised in the US, Neil began his musical journey when he was just five years old. Today, he is a virtuoso who can easily play an astonishing 117 musical instruments, ranging from the tabla to the didgeridoo. Neil's passion for music is infectious, and his commitment to his craft is unwavering. He has spent countless hours learning from mentors and instructors to perfect his skills, which shows in how he approaches each instrument with precision and respect. Whether you're a lover of music or just appreciate talent when you see it, Neil Nayyar is a true inspiration. 

When did the Journey to Musical Maestro Begin?  

Did you know that a child's musical journey can start before they are even born? It may sound like a fairy tale, but it's true. Nayyar's father discovered the power of music on unborn children and wanted to test the theory. He played Mozart through small speakers to his unborn child, hoping it would help him achieve greatness in the future. Although Nayyar didn't show any interest in music at an early age, his father took him to a free drumming lesson class one day, and he surprised everyone by playing like a veteran. His passion for music inspired his father to start musical lessons for him. Imagine the possibilities for your child if you start exposing them to music early on. 

The First Sign of Legend in Making  

At just 12 years old, Neil Nayyar broke the record for playing the most musical instruments - an impressive 44! His dedication, talent, and hard work are truly remarkable, and his recent achievement is a testament to that. With such a remarkable talent, Neil is on his way to becoming a trailblazer in the music industry. He continues to inspire others with his awe-inspiring skills and unwavering determination to push the boundaries of what is possible in music. 

The Hard Work Behind the Records  

At the tender age of five, this young prodigy displayed an exceptional aptitude for music that was beyond his years. Unlike his peers, he quickly mastered several instruments, which prompted his parents to enrol him in summer camps to hone his gift further. Driven to excel, he sought guidance from renowned music teachers from around the world and leveraged technology to connect with them through Skype sessions. This unique combination of innate talent, a supportive environment, and global exposure laid the foundation for his unparalleled journey to become a virtuoso across an impressive array of musical instruments. 


Neil is a multitalented individual with a knack for excelling in various creative pursuits. He is an accomplished musician who can effortlessly play different genres ranging from hip-hop to jazz. He has a passion for Bollywood dancing and enjoys the energetic movements that come with it. Neil is also a fitness enthusiast who practices martial arts and follows a disciplined lifestyle to maintain his health. He has an eye for art and has created over a hundred watercolour and oil paintings across different mediums. Moreover, he is a movie buff who enjoys watching films, especially those featuring Salman Khan. Neil's diverse set of skills and interests highlight his exceptional ability to achieve excellence in various creative endeavours. 

Taking the Stage  ?

Achieving a world record is an incredible accomplishment, but nothing beats the thrill of a live performance. One musician in particular knows this all too well. In 2019, he took to the stage at an NBA game to perform the US national anthem with a Sitar, an ancient and beautiful instrument from India. His performance was so impressive that it was covered by various news outlets, including FOX News. He appeared on the popular morning shows "Good Morning America," "Good Day Sacramento," and The Jennifer Hudson Show. 

The Future Prospect  

Learning to play musical instruments is not an easy task. It requires dedication and a lot of hard work to master an instrument. However, Nail has taken it to the next level by working with renowned coaches to hone his skills and learn new instruments. His recent book, Passion for Exploration of 107 Sound Machines, is a testament to his dedication. In this book, he talks about his journey to learning 107 instruments and provides valuable insights for aspiring musicians. Nail is not only a writer but also a musician working on his first music album, Breaking Barrier, and providing music to a feature film named Lottery. Having already contributed to short films, two Honda commercials, and a music video, Nail is determined to make an impact through his music. 


Neil Nayyar's achievements in music at such a young age are awe-inspiring. He is a talented musician and an inspiration to those just beginning their musical journey. His dedication and passion for music are truly admirable. He continues to strive for excellence, mastering new instruments and creating new music to spread awareness. If his story has inspired you to learn an instrument, consider renting one from Instrushare, an online instrument rental service based in Melbourne. Don't waste money on buying an instrument when you can easily rent an instrument and take the first step towards your musical journey.