Renting vs Purchasing Musical Instruments: Which Is Better?

Are you planning to venture into the world of music? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to take things up a notch, the decision to rent or buy an instrument can be overwhelming.  

There are plenty of options available, making it difficult to know where to start. Both renting and buying have advantages and disadvantages, and your choice will depend on your circumstances and goals. 

But don't worry, we have compiled some essential points to assist you in deciding whether renting an instrument or purchasing would be the best option. 

So, let's get started! 

Renting an Instrument: An Overview   

It is quite common for beginners to rent a musical instrument when they first start learning. Renting instrument allows for a small initial investment from parents while still giving the student a full experience of playing music. 

Moreover, most rental agreements offer an optional maintenance and replacement plan, providing additional security in case of any accidents like running over the instrument with a car (which happens more often than you'd think). 

Many schools limit the selection of instruments for beginners and allow students to change their instruments later to meet the band's needs. 

For instance, students who want to play the saxophone may be required to play the clarinet for their first semester or year. 

Renting an instrument is the perfect solution for this situation since it involves lower commitment compared to purchasing instrument. 

Sometimes, the instrument a student begins with differs from the right fit. This is quite normal since every instrument has its unique sound and feel. 

Renting instruments allows students to explore and decide which instrument they want to play before making any commitments. 

Where to Rent Musical Instruments in Australia?  

If you want to rent a musical instrument, you have two primary options - local music stores and online stores/dealers. Both of these options come with their own set of benefits. 

Music stores offer the advantage of talking face-to-face with a sales professional who can provide the information you need to find an instrument best suited for your needs. 

They often work in partnership with local band directors and private instructors, giving you access to the instrument brands that they trust. 

On the other hand, online stores like InstruShare are the way to go if you're looking for convenience. These stores can be accessed from the comfort of your home at any time of the day. 

InstruShare is an excellent example of an online platform revolutionizing the musical instrument rental and hire experience in Australia. 

They offer a wide range of instruments, making it easy and affordable for both seasoned musicians and beginners to access what they need. 

If you have any questions while browsing, most websites will have a phone line, email, or chat button listed to help you get any further information you may need.  

How to Rent an Instrument Online?  

If you're interested in renting a musical instrument, we recommend exploring different rental plans available on InstruShare and comparing them. 

Our musical instrument rental plans follow a "Rent To Own" model, where you pay a monthly fee for the instrument you select, but a part of the fee goes towards the eventual purchase of the instrument you're using. 

Our rental plans are often very flexible and may allow you to switch instruments or end your rental plan early, depending on the rental plan. 

If you need help deciding which instrument to select or want to experiment with music without significant commitments, you should look for these features in a rental plan.  

Key Benefits of Renting Musical Instruments Online in Australia  

Renting musical instruments online has become an increasingly popular option in recent years, and for good reason. 

There are several key benefits to renting instruments online from InstruShare, both for beginners and experienced musicians alike. 

Some of these include:   

1. Different Types of Musical Instruments  

At InstruShare, we have a wide range of musical instruments available for rent, including guitars, pianos, brass instruments, drums, and more. 

Our options cater to musicians of all skill levels and genres. 

Check out our informative guide on 5 different types of musical instruments to help you decide which instrument to rent to enhance your skills. 

2. Availability and Efficiency  

If you're looking for an easy way to rent music instruments, InstruShare is the answer. Our online platform lets you rent instruments without visiting physical stores, saving you time and effort. 

With our platform, you can compare different instruments, features, and rental terms to make an informed decision.   

3. Cost Efficiency   

Renting musical instruments online is an affordable way to access high-quality instruments without the significant upfront cost of purchasing instruments. 

InstruShare makes music education and exploration financially accessible with our flexible and affordable rental plans.  

4. Adaptability   

Our rental options are also flexible, allowing you to choose short-term rentals for trial purposes or longer-term rentals for sustained practice and performance. 

You can easily switch instruments with our flexible policies if your interests or skills change. 

5. Simple Upgrades   

As you progress in your skill level, InstruShare makes upgrading to advanced or different instruments easy, enabling continuous growth without a financial commitment. 

Renting an instrument online also allows you to try different ones, helping you to explore new sounds and genres before making a long-term investment. 

So, these are some of the advantages of renting musical instruments, but did you know that by renting music instruments online, you can earn money?  

Yes, this is true, and to get more information, you can read our insightful guide on how to rent musical instruments online and make money.

Purchasing A Musical Instrument: An Overview   

If you're considering purchasing an instrument, it's important to remember that it's a significant investment. It's a good option if you have enough money to buy it outright or are committed to playing music for a long time. 

Buying an instrument outright or with a payment plan is usually cheaper than joining a rent-to-own program. 

However, it's worth noting that many sales contracts for purchasing an instrument are difficult to cancel and may incur penalties if you need to break the contract. 

Also, unlike rental plans, maintenance plans don't usually come with purchased instruments, meaning any damage to the instrument will be the buyer's responsibility. 

It's important to remember that instruments, like cars, tend to lose value quickly after being used, even if only for a short time.  

If you're confident that you'll continue playing, purchasing musical instruments could be a good option. But if you need more clarification, renting may be a better choice as it offers more flexibility.  

How and From Where to Buy a Musical Instrument? 

Here are some places where you can purchase instruments: music stores, online stores, pawn shops, or person-to-person. However, there are some essential things to consider before buying an instrument. 

Whether located locally or online, reputable dealers will always offer the best quality and reliability. If you're thinking of purchasing a second-hand instrument from a pawn shop, someone you know, or a website like eBay, be cautious. 

However, the initial price tag may seem appealing unless you have enough experience to know what to look for; repairs to get the instrument working may become more of a hassle than it's worth. 

Therefore, it's always a good idea to ask your band director or lesson instructor if you have any questions.  

Final Verdict: Renting vs Purchasing Musical Instruments  

When deciding whether to rent or buy musical instruments in Australia, it's essential to use your best judgment. In general, it's recommended to go with renting. 

This allows you to try out an instrument without any pressure to stick with it if you don't like it. 

Renting an instrument also saves money during the first few months or years while keeping you in a low-risk situation.    

InstruShare is the best online music instrument store in Australia. We provide access to high-quality instruments while also giving you an opportunity to earn extra income. 

Our platform seamlessly connects renters and owners, creating a community of music enthusiasts who can share their passion and make some extra cash while doing so.  

Are you ready to start your musical journey? Rent musical instruments online to unlock your musical potential!