The Cost of School Band Instruments: Is Renting More Affordable?

Are you looking to hire drums in Melbourne? Have you ever heard the sweet tunes of a school band echoing down the hallways? It's impressive how music education can work its magic on young minds.

Whether your child has an interest in brass, has a talent for percussion, or can't get enough of woodwind instruments, being part of the school band is an amazing journey into the world of music.
But here is the million-dollar question for parents: Should you buy or rent the instrument? 
 In this blog post, we will dive deeply into this question. We will break down the average cost of those shiny instruments and figure out if renting might be the smarter move to save some bucks.
 Let's find out!


The Average Cost of School Band Instruments: A Closer Look

Given below is the normal pricing range for popular school band instruments:

  • Flute: Intermediate and professional models might be much more expensive.
  • Clarinet: Student clarinets, like the flute, range in price from $300 to $1,000, with higher-end versions costing several thousand dollars.
  • Trumpet: Student trumpets generally cost $300 to $600, with advanced ones costing $1,000 to $2,000 or more.
  • Saxophone: The price range for student saxophones is wide, starting from $400 and increasing up to $1,500 or more for starter versions.
  • Trombone: A student trombone can range from $200 to $600, with intermediate versions costing more.
  • Percussion: Percussion kits, which include drums, can cost anywhere from $200 for simple setups to several thousand dollars for more extensive sets.

If you are looking to save on costs or try out a particular drum before making a commitment, consider exploring options to hire drum in Sydney.  
This could be a convenient way to experience playing different drum types without a significant upfront investment.

The Benefits of Renting School Band Instruments

1. Cost Effective

Renting an instrument demands a lesser initial investment than purchasing, which is especially beneficial if you are unsure about your child's long-term dedication to playing the instrument.

2. Easy Transition:

If your child wants to try a different instrument or explore alternative possibilities, renting provides a smooth transition without the stress of selling or acquiring a new instrument.

3. Access to High-Quality Instruments 

Online renting platforms like InstruShare provide high-quality instruments that would otherwise be out of reach due to their expensive initial purchase price.
This is especially useful for students who want to utilize better instruments as they grow in their musical journey.

4. Growing with The Child  

Young musicians may need to begin with smaller instruments because of their age and physical growth.  

Renting allows you to transfer to larger sizes as your child develops, eliminating the need to purchase new instruments every time they outgrow the previous one. 

5. No Long-term Commitment  

Renting does not bind you to long-term ownership.
If your child's interest in playing the instrument changes or they decide to pursue other interests, you can return the instrument after the rental time with no commitments. 

6. Financial Flexibility  

Instead of investing substantial cash in purchasing an instrument, renting allows you to apply it to other crucial needs such as music classes, sheet music, or accessories.

When Buying Makes Sense?

Long Term Commitment

If your child demonstrates a strong interest in and dedication to a particular instrument, purchasing becomes a more feasible option.

A strong drive to learn an instrument over time might make the initial expenditure worthwhile.

Family Dynamics

Consider whether you have several children or anticipate younger siblings following in older siblings' footsteps.  
In such circumstances, purchasing the instrument might result in long-term cost savings because the instrument can be passed down and shared.


Duration of Use

Determine how long your youngster is likely to play the instrument. 
If they begin in elementary school and want to continue through middle school, high school, and maybe beyond, the purchase may be more cost-effective than paying rental fees over multiple years.

Resale Value

Quality instruments tend to keep their worth well.
If your child decides to stop playing or graduate with a new instrument, you might return a considerable percentage of your investment by selling the instrument.

Access to Advanced Models

If your child quickly improves their talents, having an instrument opens the door to more sophisticated versions. 
These instruments frequently provide improved playability and sound quality, appealing to your child's rising skill.



Understanding the average cost of school band instruments is essential for parents and children contemplating music instruction.

Renting instruments, such as those offered by InstruShare, may often be a more cost-effective choice, allowing students to explore their musical skills without a substantial upfront commitment.  

Whether it's the trumpet's forceful notes or the clarinet's calming tones, our instrument rental services provide a practical option for families in Brisbane, assuring musical progress while keeping financial considerations in tune with your enthusiasm.

If you're looking to hire musical instrument in Australia, InstruShare offers a low-cost path to musical excellence.